Wahoo X Training Software: Gimmick or Revolution?

Wahoo's SYSTM and RGT paired with their trainer products aim to change the way we train on the bike.

Disclaimer: I am sponsored by Wahoo and get free products and/or access to their products earlier. Keep this in mind for transparency. However, I tried to keep my report as objective as possible, displaying my experiences and giving you some data as well, so you can build your opinion on the Wahoo X system yourself.

Athletes from cycling teams like Team Amani trust Wahoo Sports Science to bring them to Worldtour form!

Update for 2024: Wahoo RGT is dead!

Since i wrote this article Wahoo has actually split paths with Neal Henderson and stopped RGT.
We assume the market was to competitive and the investment into RGT to catch up with competitors like Zwift would have been too big.
However, Wahoo X subscribers received a very generous 12 month voucher for Zwift as compensation and the same voucher now also comes with the purchase of Wahoo smart trainers.
Wahoo and Zwift seem to suddenly be friends again. 🤷‍♂️

From what we learned from questions we asked to Wahoo they will invest in SYSTM to provide more, new and more interactive workouts and more functionality to analyze your training. Of course the great integration with Wahoo products will remain and be extended. While we don't know when, a sync of SYSTM workouts to Zwift is in the works and will come soon.

While competition is great for users and there were great ideas behind RGT, it is fair to say that probably it will have quite a few benefits for the consumers that Zwift and Wahoo are working together again and probably a lot of great features will come to SYSTM and their ELMNT computers as well as KICKR trainers. Wahoo X will continue and focus more on the structured training aspect. And at 149€ a year it actually comes at a fairly competitive price compared to whats on the market. (For performance focused athletes, looking for structured training plans on a budget.)

If we hear more updates we will update this article again!

Recently Wahoo launched a complete new department with Wahoo Sports Science. But this is not only one physical studio in the United States of America where athletes can come and get advice from coach Neal Henderson and his team, no there’s a lot more to it.
Based on the work of this team, Wahoo launched Wahoo SYSTM. A training platform that prouds itself on creating training plans based on algorithms and logic. And then soon after we learned Wahoo acquired RGT. A virtual cycling game and probably one of the main competitors to ZWIFT. Together both formed the Wahoo X subscription until RGT was discontinued at the end of 2023.

With Wahoo RGT there is a new competitor to ZWIFT for indoor cycling with a fun gamification for your hours in the pain cave!

The Wahoo Ecosystem

If you do the math you already know what happened here. While you don’t have to use Wahoo’s physical products, combined with their software they obviously sell one of the most complete training ecosystems on the market.
Starting with simple wheel-on trainers over to the direct mount KICKR Core and KICKR models up to their high end model the KICKR Bike. Recently they also launched Power Meters with the Wahoo Speedplay POWRLINK Pedals and of course they provide all the accessories like sensors, fans, elevation simulators, mats and way more. Oh, you know about the ELMNT cycling computers right? The ELMNT GPS devices are everywhere and are giving behemoth Garmin a lot of headache.
Now it is worth pointing out that Wahoo X works flawlessly together with other Wahoo products and is clearly designed to do so. However, you can use any trainer of accessory that supports ANT+ or bluetooth with Wahoo X, regardless what brand it comes from!
So with all the hardware for training on the market, providing Training software and virtual rides to get some “gamification” into your training routine only makes sense and is a powerful move.
However there are strong competitors and you probably don’t want to trust all of your training to computer software right? Or is this the way we are heading?

Wahoo offers an all round ecosystem for indoor cycling. Training Software, trainers, fans, and much more!

One season with Wahoo X

My friends at Wahoo gave me access and told me to stick to the Wahoo SYSTM training plan for my 2022 season. I thought why not? Let’s give it a try.
Obviously it was hard for me to commit spending so much time indoors on a trainer, but the sessions were short and intense. On top I had stretching, Yoga and strength training included. So a pretty well rounded training plan that was preparing myself well for the upcoming season.
What surprised me was the mental training. Many small routines and tricks to get you in the right mindset. I did most of it already anyways, but it was good to have it laid out in front of me structured in simple rules like SMART goals and sure pushed me to find higher, harder goals and work hard for them.
A remarkable thing about Wahoo is that they** deliver new features to their products as software updates constantly.** We all know that feeling of getting a new version of our Operating System for computers (or phones) and it feels like a fresh machine. However, it is a rare thing in the cycling industry. I gave my feedback in the early stages of SYSTM and Wahoo RGT which became Wahoo X and a lot of it has been implemented since.
The most exciting update is for sure the possibility to do your Wahoo SYSTM workouts outside. You get out for your ride, turn on your ELMNT computer and your workout magically appears on the screen. Select it, and off you go!
Don’t get me wrong: There are still a lot of things to do. Statistics and progress in the app are still quite basic and there will be huge potential in providing more metrics on fatigue and recovery for example. Challenges need more factors of engagement and would profit of some gamification with levels and some gimmicks to unlock when you complete them. Some structures in the app and the presentation of information could also be improved. It would also be nice to integrate music and video streaming services into the app to choose your music and favorite shows for your pain cave yourself. But you get it, it's work in progress and who knows when those things might come!

Wahoo SYSTM offers video footage from pro cycling races to motivate you to push harder through your intervalls! ...or even try and ride the pace of the pros with real power data from the pro rides in the SYSTM library!

Was training with Wahoo X successful for me?

I started in January and nearly felt it went too mellow. That changed quickly as the hard workouts kicked in and I felt some heavy legs. The only thing that worried me? My first event of the season was the Orbit360 RideFar Challenge. 360km on gravel were on the plate and the longest training session I did before was 3,5 hours. To my surprise it went very well and I was able to maintain my power without problems.

Orbit360 rideFAR was my first challenge in the 2022 cycling season. I had not trained for more then 3,5h before based on my Wahoo SYSTM training plan.

Obviously at some point the races and rides you do form your shape more and more but in between I always fell back to structured training and getting a base in.
I didn’t get the hang of RGT to be honest, but that might be a personal thing. There is huge potential as we can see with ZWIFT and co, however it was not for me.
Just think about the following: With RGT you can upload any profile of a climb and literally train and test ride it before your actual race. Testing gear ratios and way more! 🤯
However I didn’t really get the hang of it with a lack of the aforementioned gamification that ZWIFT masters so well and not a lot of REAL people out on the courses. That will develop for sure and maybe its just me being more of an outside guy.
Honestly I feel I am happy about better connectivity and collaboration with ZWIFT in the future and hopefully faster progress with SYSTM therefore on Wahoo's side.

I trained for the Rhino Run unsupported Ultra Endurance bikepacking race through South Africa and Namibia in 2022 solely based on a training plan from Wahoo SYSTM and made it to 4th position overall.

Since then I am holding high power numbers consistently and feel confident in my performance and body through the whole season. I did 5 Ultra Distance Bikepacking races in 2022 and only finished one race outside the top 10. My best position was a 4th place at The Rhino Run, through South Africa and Namibia.
In 2023 so far, I continued training with Wahoo SYSTM and improved my FTP since December by 63 Watts. That is quite massive and shows my training is highly effective. I also managed my first podium at the Hellenic Mountainrace, which I am very proud of. And yep, my training was solely based on Wahoo SYSTM!

Reaching a podium in one of the hardest ultra distance bikepacking races. Podium at the Hellenic Mountainrace with a Wahoo SYSTM training plan. No joke.

Less time, more intensity

What stuck with me was how much LESS time I spent training per week while reaching similar or in parts higher power numbers than the years before. Yes we are all talking about High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT is THE thing in endurance sports at the moment. But it’s not only about that. We used to say start with long endurance sessions, then you can go for intervals. SYSTM crushes you straight from the beginning with torturing intervals before you add volume.
The 4DP test is also something new. On top of FTP we are talking about Neuromuscular Power (NP), Maximum Aerobic Power (MAP) and Aerobic Capacity to give you a more rounded impression on yourself as an athlete but also for the training software to more accurately determine what you should focus on in training. (While you might not like those sessions. 😜)

Wahoo SYSTM is based on 4 metrics called 4DP profile. This claims to be more balanced than just relying on FTP as a base for your cycling training.

Well and then if you don’t like to stare at numbers just hop on RGT and ride in a virtual environment with other athletes. Not bad at all.
Since I got access to Wahoo X I quit my ZWIFT and Training Peaks subscriptions and haven’t missed them since. That being said, I feel Wahoo X is made for performance based athletes and plays a lot with the terms suffering, pro cycling, racing and so on. If you just want fun on a bike but don’t care about those topics Wahoo X might not be for you and that’s fine!

Give it a try and let us know what you think. Does it change your whole training as well? Did you improve a lot or did you feel no difference at all?

Wahoo SYSTM out of Wahoo X offers you ready to go training sessions for 6 different sports! Cycling, Strength, Yoga, Running, Swimming and Mental Training.


I am continuing to train with Wahoo X for this season and have high hopes on further improving through it as an athlete. For the moment I feel training software and even whole training ecosystems will not replace personal coaches, however they provide a very valuable and cost effective alternative to athletes focused on performance and a very comfortable and handy ecosystem.