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20 09 2022

With the Strubklamm Figure Eight we are taking you over our secret gravel paths and narrow, asphalted roads from the beautiful Hintersee. Very close to the city of Salzburg to the Mitteregg at the Gaisberg.

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With the Gravelbike to the Fuschlsee region

The city of Salzburg has a lot to offer for cyclists. We are often drawn out to the lakes. To the Fuschl lake, but also to the Faistenau Hintersee lake. There are enough roads for road cyclists. But gravel roads? Yes, they do exist. And with this route, we're giving you a few real insider routes!

The Gaisberg has always been a paradise for racing cyclists and is now also being discovered by gravel bikers.

We put the start of the route at lake Hintersee, but since it's a (false) "figure eight", you can of course start from anywhere. Why not, for example, from the city of Salzburg, via Glasenbach to Mitteregg, or directly up to Koppl to get on the route there?
We leave that to your creativity, but describe the route from Hintersee. At Hintersee we can relax at the cold, clear water before and after our tour! We can also get something to eat and drink right by the lake at Café Lago.

Hintersee near Faistenau is a perfect starting and ending point for gravel bike tours.

Cooling off in the Faistenau rock pool?

From here we slowly settle in and ride along a small asphalt road towards the Strubklamm gorge. Soon we pass the Faistenauer Felsenbad. You already want to cool down? Then you should definitely jump into the water here! Between the rocks there are many small pools with azure blue water.

The Faistenauer Felsenbad is one of the most beautiful natural baths in the Fuschlsee region and directly on our gravel bike route.

Secret Tip Strubklamm

Now let's go on. We follow the road and soon come to a surreal road that winds through the rock walls. To the left you look far down into the gorge, to the right the rock walls build up. WOW! The Strubklamm is a hidden gem. Not a resounding name like the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, but in terms of spectacle, the Strubklamm is hardly inferior!

The Strubklamm road offers an epic panorama for cyclists with rock walls and a narrow road that winds over the abyss.

From here we follow a long descent on a narrow road. Once we reach the bottom of the main road, we turn right towards Ebenau. In the village of Ebenau we again find a few inns if we need refreshments. Also a small bike repair station of the ÖAMTC is ready for us right next to the bridge in the village center!

Just outside Ebenau we find some heavenly gravel roads.

Up to Salzburg's city mountain the Gaisberg

Coming out of Ebenau we ride through a landscape of mills and farms. At the end of the road we come to a gate, which we have to open and close again. A second one right behind. And now we are coming to probably the most difficult climb that awaits us on our tour. Steep and with large rocks we ride uphill through the forest. But not long and the path becomes less steep. Even a few flat sections that are really fun in there.

The Klausbachmühle is a scenic highlight on our gravel tour through the Fuschlsee region.

Just before we leave the forest, we see a small mill on the right side. The Klausbachmühle is really worth a stop. And with the right light, a very special atmosphere comes into the dense forest.

Narrow roads with little traffic lead to Mitteregg. Perfect also for gravel bikers.
A few serpentines and typical Austrian landscape make the Gaisberg a paradise for cyclists.

We leave the forest and take the road less traveled up to the Gaisberg. At the top of Mitteregg we have an excellent view of the city of Salzburg. Now we have a rapid descent on asphalt ahead of us! Unless of course you want to make a quick detour to the top of the Gaisberg. Be warned: the way up is steep!

The descent from the Zistelalm on the Gaisberg is also fun on a gravel bike.

After our descent, we turn onto a small side road before the main road and soon leave it to turn onto a gravel road. Wavy the way goes, uphill, downhill, always through a beautiful forest. Soon we arrive at a parking lot. A tennis court and many hikers are waiting for us here. A look back tells us why there are so many hikers. The Nockstein, a popular hiking destination, towers above us. We just rode along it at the bottom.

Fantastic gravel route below the Nockstein in the Flachgau region of Salzburg.

Fantastic gravel roads to the Pertilmühle

We turn directly right again onto a small road with fine gravel. A short, steep climb and we already enjoy a wonderful view over Flachgau. Here our false eight closes.

The Pertilmühle is truly a beautiful place for gravel bikes in the Fuschlsee region.

e ride downhill to Pertillmühle. Steeply we go downhill here over rough gravel before the forest opens up and we get a beautiful view of the distant mountains and the fields with the mill. Also a small creek accompanies us here.

Beautiful gravel descent to the Pertillmühle near Ebenau.
A small stream accompanies us next to the gravel road to the Pertilmühle.

Over quiet gravel roads to Faistenau

The mill is located on the right at the edge and invites you to linger. An information board even gives you a little information about the history. Now we ride through Ebenau again. Another stop? Why not.
Out of Ebenau we follow an asphalted ascent with a moderate gradient. Shortly before we reach the top, however, it gets steep. With a lot of concentration we make it up the loose gravel road without our rear tire spinning.

A steep but beautiful gravel road leads from Ebenau to Faistenau.

And already we are on a wavy road towards Faistenau. In Faistenau we find a bakery and a restaurant. Also a supermarket on the main road. (Which we ride around).
We meander on small roads through the village and finally turn right onto the main road. But only to turn left again. Over a nice gravel road we fly down and come to Hintersee. Back at the lake we have now earned a refreshment and maybe a swim in the lake!

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