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29 07 2023

On this gravel bike tour to the Seewaldsee lake in the Tennengau region, we will take you along beautiful gravel paths and small, quiet roads to one of the most beautiful lakes in the SalzburgerLand! You won't forget the panorama!


Arrival by train

We start in tranquil Kuchl in the middle of the Salzach Valley. The easiest way to get to Kuchl from Salzburg is to take the S3 train. No stress with looking for a parking space and we have also planned the route comfortably directly from the station 😉 .
If you want, you can also cycle from Salzburg along the Salzach to Kuchl and add a little extra training.

Arriving by train is the best start to your graveltour in Kuchl in SalzburgerLand
Kuchl is a lovely little town in Salzburger Land and worth visiting on your graveltour

From Kuchl to Weitenau

From Kuchl, we cycle straight out over the main road to Jadorf without any detours and arrive at the Georgenberg via narrow, low-traffic roads. A small rock with a church on it, in the middle of the Salzach valley. We like it so much that we take you past it twice on this route.
From here we head uphill via Stallerhof and Gasthof Bachrain. This is the first stop for the impatient!

The Weitenau Road is an absolute dream for cycling in Salzburg.

Via Weitenau up to the Seewaldsee lake

After Bachrain, we take a gravel path downhill to the Weitenau road. This is an absolute highlight for us. Slightly uphill and downhill for us through a quiet mountain landscape hidden from the busy Salzach valley. The panoramas are magnificent and the small road, covered with patches, lets us take a breath before the big climb up to the Seewaldsee.
Soon we turn left onto a steep, asphalt road. We don't ride uphill for long before the asphalt gives way to gravel.
We take a beautiful forest road uphill through a breathtaking valley towards Seewaldsee. Every now and then great panoramas present themselves and you should definitely take a breather and enjoy them!

The gravel road up to Seewaldsee leads through a picturesque valle with alpine views.
Gravel climbs in Salzburg, Austria will always amaze you with perfect switchbacks.

From the "back" to the Seewaldsee lake

This path up to the Seewaldsee is actually an insider tip. Hikers pretty much arrive by car and the next road is on the other side of the lake.
Just before we get to the lake, we have to be careful! Directly in a small descent, in a left-hand bend, there is a gate where we have to stop. Please be careful and avoid a mishap here. After that, it's only a short way up and we catch a glimpse of the panorama over the lake. An idyllic grassy landscape with forests all around and a few alpine huts. Our perfect gravel route takes us right through the middle, along the lake.

Cycling with Gravelbikes along Seewaldsee is an amazing alpine adventure in austria.
The gravelroad along Seewaldsee lake is in perfect condition and provides amazing views.

Alpine stop at the Auerhütte

If you want, you can stop at the Auerhütte at the end of the lake. From Kaspressknödelsuppe to Kaiserschmarrn, you can get everything your heart desires here! ...including the view! Now we ride downhill along a narrow road with a few short counter ascents. Through St. Koloman we rush downhill to Römerbrücke.

The Taugl river in Salzburger Land is a spectacular natural bath that you can reach with a gravel bike.

Taugl and Römerbrücke

The Römerbrücke is a small, single-lane bridge over the Taugl. You will want to stop for a moment to admire the waterfall behind it. Only a few meters further on, you should stop again! A few meters from the road, the Taugl flows through rugged rock. Over the years, it has measured its way in and you will certainly find some bathing enthusiasts in the small pools through which the river runs.

Römerbrücke is a fantastic location for gravel bikes in Salzburgwith a waterfall.
The Georgenberg is a little rock in the middle of the Salzachtal in Salzburg with perfect gravel paths around.

Back to Kuchl

Now we ride along small side roads back to Georgenberg and from there back to Kuchl. You have made it! A gravel tour that you will certainly not forget.

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