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20 07 2022

Die Seenlandrunde gibt euch bei einer ausgiebigen Graveltour einen guten Überblick über das Seenland. Insgesamt wirst du mit deinem Gravelbike 4 Seen bestaunen und einen genialen Aussichtspunkt am Buchberg entdecken. Ein paar echte Geheimwege haben wir natürlich auch eingebaut.


The center of Mattsee offers us the perfect starting point for our tour. With a view of the castle and the lake, we pass colorful flower beds and inviting stores and restaurants. The latter will have to wait for now. There is a free parking “NORD” in case you arrive by car!

The town center in Mattsee in the Salzburg Lake District by gravel bike.

On a small avenue on perfect gravel, we ride to our first and also biggest climb of the tour: the Buchberg. It towers over the lakes and presents us with a real challenge. On the ascent we ride first on asphalt, then on gravel next to the Mattsee with excellent panoramic views along, before we have to cross the road briefly. Carefully we look around and already we are on a small side road and continue uphill. Soon we turn slightly to the right onto a gravel path that leads us around the Buchberg. We have to leave the bike here, unfortunately, cycling is not allowed on the last stretch. A large wooden board on which the ban is written is at the same time a good place to leave the bike. Theoretically you can skip the small detour up to the summit, but do you really want to have cycled all the way up to miss the view. (We do not spoil, you have to look at the top of the viewing platform itself. 😉)

The Lookout on Buchberg in Salzburger Seenland offer fantastic views while taking a break with the gravelbike.

Back at our bikes we “roll” over wavy terrain over to the Wallersee lake. Some dips seem like a roller coaster. We are literally catapulted down and then fly up the next hill. So the way to the Wallersee flies by. Soon we come to beautiful gravel paths. Over fields and through the forest the cycle track winds itself and then we see the lake already before us. We cycle along for a little while before we turn off towards the lido at the end of the lake. Here it is worthwhile to take a short break and get an ice cream or maybe even enjoy a small drink and refreshment directly at the lake.

The Lido at lake Wallersee in Salzburg Lake district is calling for a rest stop during our gravel ride.

Ok, but now onward another "treat" is still waiting for us.
We cross the Henndorf forest on asphalt, but don't worry. Narrow and without traffic in perfect narrow curves, this beautiful asphalt path pulls through the seemingly endless forest. It has passed like in flight didn't it?

The Henndorfer Wald Forrest road is heavenly quiet for cycling with a gravel bike.

However, now it's time. We haven't seen a lake in a long time! On the way to Grabensee we take a few nice side roads combined with a few clever dirt roads and trails. Watch out when crossing the main road! Don't worry we won't send you on the heavily frequented road.
We're turning onto a small gravel road. This is a real insider tip. First through the forest then through wheat fields and then downhill with a magnificent view. A highlight is a narrow wooden bridge and a plank path with single trail afterwards. Yeeeha! Done. Just please look after hikers here! Stop, smile and say hi and let them pass! 😎

This little path at lake Grabensee in Salzburger Seenland will sure make gravel cyclists happy.

We come out at the northern end of the Grabensee and follow the bike path. Over small farm roads past the Three Lakes Chapel we ride to Obertrum with a view of Lake Obertrum. In Obertrum we follow the cycle path back to Mattsee. Toast to it and enjoy the lake panorama, after the round you have earned it!

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