Panorama Gravel Tour into the Lammertal




Loser Untergrund






Gesamter Anstieg




29 07 2023

This gravel tour can best be described as an "all road" tour. A good mix of cycle paths, gravel roads and small side roads lead us out into nature with breathtaking panoramas around the Tennengebirge.


Arrival from Salzburg

Our tour starts deep in the Salzach Valley in Golling. The easiest way to get there is to take the S3 regional train from Salzburg. We've planned the route for you from the station, saving you the hassle of looking for a parking space 😉 .
Of course, you can also take the cycle path along the Salzach river and gain a few extra kilometres.

The station in Golling takes us very easily to many gravel tours in Salzburg's Tennengau.

From Golling Castle to the Lammer Valley

Golling Castle and the tranquil town invite you to linger a while and take a few photos.
Then we cycle along the cycle path along the road out of the town to the south. Soon after a roundabout, the cycle path leads away from the road to the river Lammer. And there we find our gravel. A beautiful cycle path with perfect gravel leads us along the river deep into the Lammertal.
To our right, the Tennengebirge mountains rise majestically.

The Lammertal cycle path is perfect for gravel bikes and takes us deep into the Salzburg Alps.
The Tennengebirge mountains in the Lammertal valley offer perfect panoramas for gravel bike tours in Salzburger Land.

Over the Klausgraben to Abtenau

At a bridge we leave the cycle path and turn right onto a small road. The road winds quickly upwards and soon the asphalt ends. We continue uphill on a beautiful forest road through thick forest. At the edge you can see the Klausgraben flowing beside you.
Soon we reach the end of the climb and can now enjoy the descent to Abtenau. We ride quickly and steeply downhill before rolling a little flatter downhill into the village. Here we have many opportunities to stop and fill up our supplies. If you want, you can even spend the night here and make a 2-day trip out of the route!

Switchback heaven up to Klausgraben on the way to Abtenau in Salzburg, Austria.
Perfect gravel paths run deep through the forest in Salzburg's Tennengau.

From Abtenau to the Weitenau

From Abtenau we cycle a little further downhill, where we meet the Lammer again. We cycle along it for a bit before we head uphill on a small asphalt road towards Weitenau.
The ascent is curvy and quick, uphill on a small road. Soon the climb flattens out and you will see a wide landscape with a small asphalt road littered with patches that winds through the green meadows.
Every now and then you should stop and look back at the gigantic Tennengebirge, which we have just ridden along.

The Weitenau is a beautiful panoramic road in Salzburg's Tennengau for cycling tours.

Descent to Golling via Bachrain

After a descent, into a little hollow, we have to be careful:
At the bottom we have to turn sharply left to get to Bachrain via a short gravel climb, where there is also an Inn waiting for us to stop for a bite to eat.
From here we quickly descend to Golling via a mix of gravel, double track and asphalt.
You have done the tour! Treat yourselves to a little rest in beautiful Golling!

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