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26 03 2023

This route is based on the KAT Bike E-njoy route from the Kitzalps Tourist Board. As you can guess from the name E-njoy, this route has been specially designed for e-bikers. E-bikers? Yes, the e-bikes are conquering the cycling landscape and they allow more people to explore nature. In doing so, they learn to appreciate it, but also to protect it.


However, knowing that this route is designed with e-bikers in mind also helps us to know that we will find plenty of infrastructure here to stock up on supplies, find accommodation, but also good public transport connections! The surface is also perfect for gravel bikes. But you can of course also ride on a MTB or an off-road e-bike. 😜
All these factors make this route perfect for (E-) bikepacking "rookies" and gravel bikers looking for a real multi-day challenge!

The start at the pilgrimage church Mariastein is a stunning scene.

Stage 1 - From Mariastein to Windau Valley

Start in Mariastein

The pilgrimage church in Mariastein is a truly impressive place to start your tour! This place provides you with impressive views of the mountain ranges that surround the Inn Valley.
The nearest train station is Wörgl. The tourism board also suggests a cab. So you could do a little "prologue" from the train station in Wörgl and start your tour through the Kitzbühel Alps from the pilgrimage church the next day, or take the comfortable way of a cab. There are some good accommodations near the starting point.
If the "prologue" is too much for you, you can of course join the route from Wörgl.

The Inn valley provides a stunning scenery for cyclists with Mountains all around.

Through the Inn valley to the Kitzbühel Alps

From Mariastein we head south over the Angerberg mountain. The route is marked and leads us to the Inn. We cross the Inn on a footbridge and thus come to the Innradweg. We follow the Innradweg in the direction of Kufstein and after about 400 meters we turn right onto the Brixentalradweg. (cycle path no. 21) Now we reach the outer limits of the town of Wörgl. One of the larger towns on our route and, by the way, also one with the best public transport connections. We follow the Brixentalradweg in a south-easterly direction always along the Brixentaler Ache. The Brixentaler Ache will accompany us for a long time and we will see it again many times!

The climb to Penningberg in the Kitzbühel Alps is hard but rewards with stunning views for bikepackers.

The first “real” climb

A first climb puts us to the test and soon we arrive in Hopfgarten, where the Sport+ loop also begins. Soon you will reach a fish pond right next to the bike path. If you are already hungry: here the trouts are supposed to be particularly good. Both the Sport+ and the E-njoy route now lead together away from the Brixentaler Ache and along an asphalt road to the right uphill in the direction of Penningberg. Pretty soon the asphalt ends. We cross a narrow bridge over the Brummer Graben stream and we are already on a fine gravel road. Soon we come out of the forest and can already spot the first huts. At the Haagalm we can stop you will at least find a fountain to fill water bottles, however it is closed in summer.

The Haagalm is closed in summer but thirsty bikepackers can still get some water on the KAT Bike route.

Down to Kelchsau

Over a beautiful forest road with many serpentines we rush downhill and soon arrive in Kelchsau in the valley. A small town where we can get some snacks at the local supermarket. Just watch out: The supermarket takes a longer lunch break.
Now we follow the road down the valley for about 500 meters before we turn right and cross the Kelchsauer Ache over a small bridge. Now we are directly going uphill again on a paved road. Only a short stretch and we already come to a junction. The Sport+ route turns right on a steep climb, while we keep left to go around the Glanterer Kogl. We’re heading as fast as possible to Straubing to the Käsealm!

The Käsealm Straubing delivers delicous local cheese and sausage dishes as well as sweets and drinks for cyclists.

Cheese paradise at Käsealm Straubing

A paradise in the Windau valley. The “Jause" with local cheese and meat specialties is the best you will ever eat. Ok, maybe we were just incredibly hungry. But really, the Straubinger Käsealm is a true highlight. It's also worth taking a look inside. You won't forget the traditional interior, the flair and the hung meat. Well strengthened and refreshed, we only have to get on our bikes with full bellies for a short while to get to our destination. We continue up the Windau valley and soon come to an asphalt road.

The small alpine huts like the Käsealm Straubing in the Kitzbühel Alps are cosy and provide delicous local cuisine for cyclists.

A night in Nature at Gasthof Steinberg

We follow this to our accommodation, the Steinberg Gasthof. A great place to spend the night and besides, delicious dinner awaits you here! The Steinberg Inn is a member of the "Tyrolean KochArt" establishments and presents regional dishes at the highest level.

The KAT Bike Tour brings you the beautiful Natural landscape in the Kitzbühel Alps!

Stage 2 - From Windautal valley to Oberndorf in Tyrol

Warmup down the Windau valley

We start with a relaxed ride down the valley towards Westendorf on a small, but very fine, asphalt road. To warm up, so to speak. You can once again enjoy the very remote and natural flair of the Windau Valley here.
If the breakfast at Gasthof Steinberg wasn't enough, you'll still find plenty of options in Westendorf to fill up your supplies and bellies. 😜

The road up to the Wiegalm is simply amazing for views on the alps and a mountainbike heaven.

From Westendorf to Brixen im Thale

From Westendorf we follow the bike path towards Brixen im Thale. We follow the Brixentaler Ache almost to its source and turn right in Winkl, heading south, to follow a beautiful valley uphill along the Brixenbach. Over a small wooden bridge we cross the still very small Brixentaler Ache and can wave it goodbye once again.

The Wiegalm offers fantastic local food and beverages to hungry cyclists.

Up to the Wiegalm

The forest road winds quickly and somewhat more steeply uphill and there it is: the Wiegalm.
At the Wiegalm Jausenstation alpine hut we can enjoy regional specialties and fortify ourselves before our big challenge of the day. Attention: In case of bad weather the alp is closed, so take some food with you to be on the safe side!

The Wiegalm Trail is a natural trail that is a dream for Mountainbikers.

Natural Flow at the Wiegalmtrail

A few meters downhill on the forest road, there is already the turnoff to our challenge of the day. The Wiegalm Trail puts our riding skills to the test. As a red trail, it is classified as a medium-difficulty trail. So you should have some experience here and have ridden a single trail before.
The beginning is quite steep and a little washed out. We cross a creek bed. Here begins a fantastic piece of flow trail. At the beginning through the forest, then over open alpine wasteland. With wonderful views and a fast and fun passage we rush downhill. Then we get back into the forest and it gets steeper again.
We have to lift our bikes over a cattle gate, then we descend steeply through the forest. At the bottom we come back to the forest road.

The Wiegalm Trail is part of the KAT Bike Bikepacking Route.

Alternative descend over the forest road

You are uncomfortable with the thought of technical single trails? You can instead of turning right at the top towards the Wiegalmtrail, follow the forest road. You just have to turn right before the Leitner Alm and follow the switchbacks into the valley, there you will meet up with the Wiegalmtrail again.
Once down in the valley, we roll along the Aschauer Ache towards Kirchberg in Tirol. A beautiful path brings us almost to the center, before we briefly turn onto the road.
In Kirchdorf we can get another refreshment at one of the many restaurants or fill up our supplies, then we follow the bike path towards Schwarzsee lake.

The second stage of the KAT Bike Route is all about Panoramas and views of the Kitzbühel Alps.

Via Schwarzensee lake to Oberndorf

Behind Schwarzsee lake, we turn left, heading north, and follow bike path 280 to Oberndorf in Tirol.

The Kalkalmen are a unique landscape you can explore bikepacking the KAT Bike Route through the Alps.

Stage 3 - From Oberndorf in Tirol to Fieberbrunn

Charmin Oberndorf

We start through the center of the tranquil town of Oberndorf and ride hilly towards Rerobichl. You took some time to explore Oberndorf in the evening anyway, right? If not, you should admire the world's largest wooden trough at the Müllnerbauer before you leave! By the way, this also has a very nice farm store! Schörgerer and Schneiderbauer also have very worthwhile farm stores, if you want to buy a regional snack 😉.

The Bichlach is a small climb that delivers big views in the Kitzbühel Alps.

Over Bichlach towards St. Johann in Tirol

Now let's go, we still have a long day waiting for us! A landscape lined with farms greets us and we slowly cycle towards the Wilder Kaiser. Before we cycle downhill into the next valley we turn right to do a loop around Bichlach and ride towards Sperten.
Now we ride around and quite close to St. Johann in Tirol. So if you want to visit the town briefly or stock up on supplies, you can take a little detour here and deviate from the route briefly.

When riding the KAT Bike E-Njoy bikepacking route don't forget to stop and enjoy the views on the Kitzbühel Alps!

Up to the Kalksteinalmen

We follow the Großache river, which accompanies us almost to Kirchdorf in Tirol. Shortly before the village we turn right, heading east to the small village of Habach. Passing a few hotels, the road quickly becomes steep and leads us uphill in serpentines. At first we are still on asphalt. The climb brings us quickly uphill and we can already catch a few beautiful views of the valley behind us, then behind a beautiful, large farm the asphalt ends and we continue on gravel. The signs point in the direction of Kalksteinalmen. Soon we pass a barrier. Then we follow the road through the forest. With many curves we wind uphill and finally we get out of the forest.
Soon we turn left, direction north. Here again is a gate, which we have to close again. We cross a wildlife enclosure with a wonderful view of the Loferer Steinberge and the Waidringer Steinplatte. These two rocky mountain ranges are truly imposing.

The view on the Wilder Kaiser Mountains from the Kalksteinalmen is a bikepackers dream.

Angerlalm and Huberalm

The Angerlalm and the Huberalm are both serving food and from both you can admire the stunning mountain scenery in peace with a refreshment. Ok, but we have not quite made it yet. First we can look forward to a long descent towards Waidring! In Waidring we pass the gondola to the Steinplatte.

The Pillersee Lake and surrounding are a unique landscape and must see for bikepackers and gravelbikers.

Nature paradise Pillersee

So we follow the bike path out of Waidring and soon we turn right towards St. Ulrich am Pillersee.
Before we reach the Pillersee, however, we take a short turn into the Weißbachschlucht gorge. The gravel road winds through the rocky gorge and the Weißbach rushes along below. A natural highlight that you should not miss!
South of the Rechersberg we return to the Pillersee. The bike path along the lake is one of the most beautiful in the region. First along the Grieslbach, then directly along the lake, then through the incredibly beautiful swamp landscape all around. Plan a little time here. You don't want to just rush by here!
After the lake, it's a slight uphill and we follow the bike path on perfect, narrow gravel paths towards Wiesensee.

The way down to Fieberbrunn from Pillersee has stunning views and provides relief downhill for bikepackers.

Our destination Fieberbrunn

Now we almost made it! We arrive in Hochfilzen and from there to Fieberbrunn via the bike path "Buchensteinwandrundweg". We arrive at our destination in Fieberbrunn, the end of our bikepacking tour. You still haven't had enough? Try the KAT Bike Sport+ route next. With more altitude meters and more technical trails, it offers you a whole new challenge!

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