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01 02 2023

The Gosau Lake is well known for its epic panorama with the Dachstein and Gosau Ridge in the background. But most people don't get far from the lake. On this tour, you will go high above the Gosau Lake, where you can experience excellent panoramas just for you alone on perfect gravel roads away from the crowds.

Route Description

Start in Gosau

We start in the center of the peaceful village of Gosau. There is no train here. The nearest train stations are Obertraun, Bad Goisern, and Golling an der Salzach. But it is also possible to get here by bus. Please inquire here if you are allowed to bring bicycles. Of course, it is also very easy to get here by car and there is plenty of parking in the town center.

Fountains in Gosau will fill up your empty bottles during your gravel ride.

Up to the Gosau Lake and beyond

We start along the Gosaubach heading south off the main road and follow it up the valley, past the Gosauschmied catchment basin and follow the road to the Gosau Lake. The last part of the road is steep, but you will be rewarded right on top: a brilliant view of the lake with the massive Dachstein glacier in the background. Don't miss taking a picture here!

The view from Gosausee lake towards the Dachstein glacier is a stunning detination for a bike ride in Salzkammergut!
We follow the lake on the left side on a bumpy, asphalt path and soon we turn left onto a forest road. Now it's a whole stretch uphill! Curvy with some hairpin turns, we wind our way out of the valley. Soon we can see a great panorama of the Gosau Ridge behind us.

Surrounded by incredible mountain scenery you will ride your gravel bike in the Salzkammergut area.

Idyll at Löckenmoos

Just before the climb is over, we find a bench that is perfect for a short break and, if you have packed it, invites you to a snack. Enjoy the view and take a deep breath, then we continue on to the special landscape of the Löckenmoos and the Grubenalmmoors.

The high alpine forrests above Gosausee are a stunning scenery for riding a gravel bike.

Of course, we don't ride through it directly, but only along the nature reserve, but the landscape here is something special. A high alpine forest with light spots. Quiet and original.

The gravelroads along the Gosaubach stream are as quiet as can be and perfect for gravel biking.

Downhill to Gosau

The descent is on a beautiful gravel road, with many curves. At the bottom, we come out again at the Gosaubach. We cross it at the Vordertal reservoir, where we might be lucky enough to watch a few fishermen. Now we just have to ride the bike path along the road back to Gosau.

Plenty of panoramas are to be had when gravelbiking around Gosausee in Salzkammergut!

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