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25 06 2021

Wait only 24% unpaved?!? Well, yes why not? Sometimes it is nice toi have smooth cycling paths without traffic and some really good gravel, while still being away from traffic! No matter if you're a beginner or need a relaxed ride, still doing a century, this is for you!

Route Description

From Velden the tour leads via Rosegg directly to our "Carinthian Gravel lifeline" the Drau cycle path. Up to Freistritz in the Rosental valley we ride smoothly on this path. With short stops, such as in the forge town of Suetschach, at the Brechelgrube in Sala or at the reservoirs along the Drau, you can always take a breather before the first of the two notable climbs of this tour.

On Rabenberg climb you have to overcome about 250 meters of altitude difference in 4 kilometers. Theoretically, you can skip the small mountain stage by simply continuing along the Drava River until Weizelsdorf. Shortcutters, however, will miss the dropped aerial bomb dud from the 2nd World War.

Between Weizelsdorf and Ferlach we dive into the world of technology. At Weizelsdorf station there is a pretty good chance that you will see a steam locomotive and historic wagons in action. True to location, the historic vehicles are then in the Historama technology museum directly in Ferlach. By the way, the town is famous worldwide and has always been for its noble cans. A museum is also dedicated to this genre of technology.

Back along the Drau cycle path and past the Pestkreuz, the views become breathtaking. The Sattnitz conglomerate mountain rage always makes for epic shots, especially when combined with the sunlight.

After crossing the Drava river onto the north bank, there is not much time to catch your breath. A 6-kilometer-long and 400-meter-high climb takes you south past the Radsberg to Tutzach. After a rewarding descent, you should take the very short detour before Ebenthal to the Ebenthal waterfalls and the mulberry trees. By the way, in the unique landscape of the Ebenthal waterfalls you will wait in vain for a hobbit, even if it seems like it.

We recommend a short stop at the Kalmusbad along the Glan near Sattnitzfurt. The medicinal herb growing in the water is said to have a mood-lifting and healing effect on states of exhaustion. Just in time!

From now on, the route follows the eastern bay of Lake Wörthersee and past the legendary "Hotel Wörthersee" and the Schrottenburg castle straight to Krumpendorf. A detour into the village and the (unfortunately closed) bunkers is well worth the detour!

After Töschling we guide you around the Pirkerkogel via Pörtschach and then over the Bannwald forest. Once arrived, we have a former quarry for you as a photo spot.

Very shortly before the end of the tour, you have the opportunity to cool off in the refreshing turquoise water of Lake Wörthersee at the free bathing area near Saag.

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