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31 01 2023

Hallstatt is known worldwide. Of course, Lake Hallstatt is well known as well. On this gravel bike tour, you will explore Hallstatt and circle the lake. A special treat comes with the Koppenwinkel: here you have a small nature paradise right next to the famous Lake Hallstatt, which is perfect for gravel bikes!

Route Description

Biker Paradise Bad Goisern

The start of this tour is in the heart of Bad Goisern. The place lives cycling and you can see that everywhere. After all, it is also the home of the legendary Salzkammergut Trophy!
We can easily travel by train, but there are also plenty of parking spaces for cars.
This tour can be ridden in both directions, but we describe the route counterclockwise for you. From Bad Goisern we ride on quiet roads and bike paths south.
Soon we will cross the Traun and reach Lake Hallstatt.

Hallstatt is cycling paradise and world cultural heritage.

World Cultural Heritage Hallstatt

We now follow the road further south. The road soon winds along the rock, directly above the lake. While the drivers now turn into a tunnel, we as cyclists are allowed to ride a small road along the lake and come directly to the town of Hallstatt via this route.

The famous panorama at Hallstatt is best enjoyed by bike!

Soon, the world-famous view of the church directly on the lake with the rugged cliffs in the background will open up for you. We have to stop for a photo here!
In Hallstatt you will also find many shops to buy souvenirs and to fill up your supplies and empty stomachs.
But now out of the hustle and bustle. We ride east along the bike path along the lake.

You will have to cross a little stream at the Koppenwinkel on your gravelbike.

To the Koppenwinkel on gravel

Not too fast! Before we cross the Traun again, we turn off to the Koppenwinkel. A wide gravel path next to the Traun takes us away from Lake Hallstatt to the Koppenwinkllack'n. On the way there, we have to cross a few small streams. On the bridge or right through, something is offered here for every temperament.

The Koppenwinkel is perfect for gravelbikes and a natural paradise.

The Koppenwinkllack'n, a small pond in the farthest corner of the Koppenwinkel, has it all. If you are lucky, you will find a crystal clear, reflective water surface here. Truly peaceful and idyllic.

The east bank of Lake Hallstatt

We now cross the Traun again at the Gasthaus Koppenrast. Of course, there is another rest stop here. Past the peaceful Obertraun, we return to Lake Hallstatt.
The east bank is a special highlight for cyclists, because here you cannot come by car and the path is too long for most pedestrians. On small roads, partly asphalt, partly gravel, we follow the lake back to Bad Goisern.

Enjoy the views on your gravelride around lake Hallstatt in Salzkammergut.
The small path above the lake on the eastern side of lake Hallstatt is a stunning experience for gravelbikers!

For Gravel Bikers, this tour is a must! The route is varied and leads us past beautiful landscapes. The Koppenwinkel is a real insider tip for all those who want to get off the beaten track. But also the Hallstatt cultural heritage and the Lake Hallstatt are absolutely worth a visit.

Bad Goisern in the Salzkammergut region is the perfect destination for you gravel ride.

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