Salzburger Saalachtal - Grimmige Acht












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09 08 2021

The so called "Grim Eight", starting from Lofer, really lives up to it's name! You will have to ride up some steep climbs and ride a few nice trails. But those views and the scenery take you to another world!

Route Description

The Salzburger Saalachtal is still close by to Salzburg and is worth a visit all year round. For gravelbiking the Salzburger Saalachtal is a hidden gem. Looking at the impressive mountain ranges it is hard to believe there is much terrain to ride a bike in. Once you start to discover the area you will be stunned by the small gravel roads sneaking through the mountains and the tunnels carved through the rocks.
Ok,ok, we know you can't wait anymore, so let's tell you about our favorite tour in the area! We start in the small and cozy town of Lofer. From here we head straight on the bike path towards the "Wildental". This stunning valley will reward you with amazing views, so please push through the steep bit at the beginning of the climb. You will surely be grateful you made it through later, just wait a bit... 😉 Soon we leave this small and quiet road for some gravel. Again it's getting steeper but is doable with good gearing!
And BAM: The landscape opens up again, you will be amazed by the breathtaking mountain scenery a big smile on your face! The "Hundalm" has some small cozy Alpine huts. Be sure to take a short rest before you head down the steep descend. Be careful here, it is really a fun gravel descend, but you don't want to ruin your day by sliding out one of the corners. 😉
Back in the valley we are heading down the stream of the Saalach river towards Schneizlreuth in the neighbouring Bavaria. You just rode your bike to the famous Berchtesgadener Land! Always be friendly and great other cyclists with a friendly "Servus!". The local way of saying hello.
A short stretch on a forgotten tarmac road follows. It is not very likely you will encounter any cars here and the bridge crossing the small stream is worth snapping a few pictures. Look at that azure blue water!
In no time we will head up again towards the "Aschauer Höhenweg" a small alpine gravelroad with breathtaking stone tunnels and stunning views down the valley and towards the rocky mountains of the "Loferer Steinberge". The climb has short steep sections but is generally good gradient and surface to ride! This stretch is one of our highlights in the whole area. The tunnels, the small mills, little huts it just seems surreal. We are sure you will not come here for the last time.
Shortly before the top you have the pleasure of a nice single trail Leading to the top. And again: the forest opens up for crazy mountain views! This seems to be a repeating pattern here. 😜
Oh have you noticed? We're already back in Austria and beautiful SalzburgerLand! There is a beautiful Alpine hut on top! Check if it's open for some refreshment. You surely burned some calories, so please refill your empty stomach before heading down. In any case you will find a fountain for water. A fast descend leads down to the Salzburger Saalach valley again. But be careful, some corners are tricky. So please keep the rubber side down.
Down at at river we cycle back to Lofer along the Saalach river and enjoy the views for a bit more. Back in Lofer you will have plenty of possibilities for getting some traditional food and drinks and celebrate the ride you had with friends!
Best of all: As it's a figure eight you can take off the opposite direction and ride the route all again!

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