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19 09 2022

The Fuschlsee offers us some of the most beautiful panoramas. The azure water, the view towards Schober, excellent roads and now also a really challenging round for gravel bikes. A real adventure awaits you here!

Route Description

A Gravel Adventure starting at lake Fuschl

Of course we start at the beautiful Fuschlsee lake in the town of Fuschl am See. You can arrive by bike, bus or car. From the beautiful beach promenade in Fuschl am See we slowly roll out of town, past the RedBull HQ. The world-famous corporation has built an impressive building here with a lake in front, into which the "bulls" gallop.

Riding along the beach promenade in Fuschl am See with your Gravelbike is beautiful.
The view on azure blue water of lake Fuschl is a highlight for Gravelbikers.

A gourmet trip to Schafbachalm

Directly behind the building we turn left and arrive at the first real challenge of the day: the Perfalleck climb. Over 12% on average and steep up to 20% maximum. But not very long. The forest on the way up offers us a little shade and soon you've made it and we literally fly down the even steeper backside. Slow down here, the road is narrow and has some mean curves!

Peralleck is a steep roadclimb near Fuschl am See but way worth it.

At the bottom we turn left towards Tiefbrunnau. We follow the road and soon turn right onto a forest road. You will see a red marker for the "Fuschlsee Regionsrunde'' which you can always follow. The beautiful section on finest gravel leads us on a nice climb up to the Schafbachalm.

Schafbachalm is a paradise for Gravelbikers and close to Fuschl am See.

This offers us a fantastic panorama with a green alpine meadow, framed by forests and a magnificent mountain panorama in the background. In the middle of it are the small wooden houses of the alpine pastures. You can also admire a fish pond here. By the way, you can also spend the night at the Schafbachalm. Next door at the Hatzenalm you can indulge in traditional culinary delights.

The descend down from Hatzenalm is fast and fun. Perfect for gravelbikes.

On our way to the Faistenauer Hintersee lake

Now it's already downhill again. A fast descent with curves that will challenge you. During the decent we can enjoy the view on the Feichtenstein. Not too fast: a beautiful panorama awaits you and also a brilliant view towards the Faistenauer Schafberg. At the bottom, we must not go too far. While the forest road continues downhill, we have to turn sharply to the right.

Fantastic views towards lake Hintersee close to Faistenau from the gravel roads above the lake.
The winding gravel road above Hintersee bei Faistenau is a gravelbikers dream.

Once again we ride uphill first through the forest before it opens up and gives us some beautiful views towards Hintersee. The high trail winds above Hintersee like a roller coaster and soon we enjoy a long descent and come out right at Faistenauer Hintersee. Here we follow the path to the back of the lake. This is open for cyclists, we leave the path in front to the hikers 😉.

Wooden bridge at lake Hintersee. Also suitable for gravel bikes.

Off we go to Ebenau

We get some beautiful views of the lake here and a path not far from the water. We have to watch out a little for the hikers here, so don't race along too wildly. 😜About a beautiful (but sometimes slippery) wooden bridge we arrive at a parking lot and follow the road through the village of Hintersee. We get on the main road for a mini stretch and turn onto a small gravel climb towards Faistenau. We follow the bike path towards Ebenau. A nice mix of narrow roads and gravel paths. In Ebenau we continue on gravel towards Koppl.

Jiri Novak enjoys the Fuschlsee area. He says it's perfect for gravel bikes.

The Mills on the way to Koppl

We pass the Pertillmühle and ride up a steep incline. Of course, the landscape compensates us for the efforts. In Koppl we cross the main road and cleverly wind our way along narrow roads and paths through the hinterland towards Hof. Here we ride swiftly in the direction of Fuschl am See.

Jiri Novak filling up his Bidons at a mill in Ebenau during an afterwork gravelride.
The Pertillmühle is one of the oldest in the region and offers amazing gravel paths for cyclists.

Ending our Gravel Experience at lake Fuschl

We can catch a few glimpses of the famous public bath with its long jetty and disappear again on a narrow climb on asphalt. At the top we come out at the Hundsmarktmühle. We are not quite finished yet. Still a bit uphill on a beautiful, narrow road through the forest and suddenly the forest tears open and we get a brilliant view of the Fuschlsee.
Now we enjoy the descent to the lake and can talk about the brilliant round we just rode down at the promenade with a perfect view of the lake.

The road down to Fuschl am See from Hundmarktmühle is scenic and a must do. Even on a gravelbike.

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