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29 07 2023

The Lammertal is famous for its impressive mountain panoramas. The Tennengebirge and Gosaukamm mountains border the valley around Lungötz on both sides. What is the best way to enjoy this on a gravel bike? Our local Marei shows us his favorite route.

Route Description

Gravel loop deep in the Lammer Valley

Marei, what do you ride as a local in the Lammertal on a gravel bike?

Come over! We're riding a figure eight with the best panoramic views of the Gosaukamm and Tennengebirge!

That's hard to turn down! But what is the best way to get there?

Aerial view of St. Martin in the Tennengebirge. A good starting point for gravel tours in Austria!

Arrival via Hüttau

The most comfortable option is, of course, by car. There's no need to beat about the bush. However, you can also get there by train and bike via Hüttau station.
Either with the S3 (Attention: not every S3 stops at Hüttau!) or with the REX 3 in the direction of Wörgl and change in Bischofshofen to the regional train 9 in the direction of Schladming. From here it is only a moderate climb and a short descent to Lungötz along the cycle path. And even here there are already outstanding panoramas!
A smart option is to follow the Panorama Graveltour into Lammertal and follow the road from Abtenau to Lungötz!

The ascent on gravel to the Karalm runs on a beautiful forest road through dense forest.
The panorama of the Tennengebirge is a special highlight on a tour to the Lammertal on gravel bikes.

From Lungötz up to Obergarreith

We leave the main road and head into the valley where the Lammer river originates. A small asphalt road quickly brings us closer to the impressive Tennengebirge.
Soon we turn left onto a gravel road and it's a good but not too steep climb.
We have a few cattle gates to open and close and some serpentines sweeten the climb. When the forest is light, you should stop now and then and look back at the Tennengebirge.
Soon we reach the highest point and ride curvy downhill, soon we come to a barrier that we have to go around and behind it we come to an asphalt road.
We follow this road down into the valley.

Descents on winding asphalt roads in the Tennengau are also great fun with a gravel bike!

Through the Lammertal to Annaberg

To get to our second Panorama Loop, we now follow the cycle path through the valley along the road.
Attention: Between St. Martin and Lungötz there is a short stretch without a cycle path. Please ride carefully and one behind the other.
We make fast progress and the road leads us ever so slightly downhill to Annaberg. Here we can also stop at the Alpengasthof or one of the other local restaurants in town and strengthen ourselves before the second ascent.

A mill on the way to the Donnerkogel cable car invites you to fill up your water bottles.
Riding uphill will be a real pleasure on a gravel bike with a view of the Gosaukamm.

Ascent with a view towards the Bischofsmütze

The next climb out of Annaberg takes us past the Donnerkogel cable car. Where skiers are at home in winter, we now ride our gravel bikes along the Gosaukamm!
Uphill we can enjoy a small asphalt road. The mountain-suitable gearing of our gravel bikes helps us to overcome the climb without any problems. We ride with a magnificent view of the imposing, rocky peak of the Bischofsmütze until we reach a cattle gate, here we turn left onto a gravel road. Partly a little rougher but well rideable, we ride through the forest. Soon we turn sharply right and it becomes much flatter.

View of the Tennengebirge on a gravel bike tour in Austria.
Through dense forest on gravel bikes through the Tennengau.

Down to Lungötz

We leave the forest and come to a narrow asphalt road and follow it down to Lungötz. A brilliant descent and this virtually catapults us back to the start of our eight!
Was it worth it? Of course it was! Time for refreshments with Marei in the Salettl in Lungötz. Thank you for showing us your favorite loop!

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