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26 03 2023

The Kitzbüheler Horn is one of the most distinctive mountains in the Kitzbühel Alps and of course one of the most legendary climbs for road cyclists. The Kitzbüheler Horn Panoramastraße is a lifelong dream for many cyclists, but did you know that you can also ride up on gravel paths?

Route Description

Which bike for the Kitzbüheler Horn?

Now we have lured you perfectly with the buzzword "Gravel" and yet we would like to recommend you to think about riding the tour on an e-mountainbike or a hardtail mountainbike. Why? The climb is quite steep and often mountain bikes have a much lighter gear ratio.
On the descent on the asphalted Kitzbüheler Horn panoramic road you won't really have less fun than on a gravel bike. The panoramic road is also quite steep and large brake discs on the mountain bike give you more safety and comfort on the descent. But don't let this discourage you from riding the gravel bike. Strong cyclists will love this route with its panoramas on the gravel bike!

E-MTB or gravelbike, the climb up to Kitzbüheler Horn is amazing when done over Raintal on gravel.

From St. Johann to the Raintal valley

We start in the market town of St. Johann in Tirol. The train station here offers us a good connection to arrive by train. By car, you can also easily leave your car at the parking lot Kaiserstraße and start from there.
We cross the village center to the east and ride along the Fieberbrunner Ache. After about 5km we leave the Fieberbrunner Ache and turn right, direction south, into the Raintal valley.

The climb over Raintal to Kitzbüheler Horn leads up in lots of serpentines on gravel from St. Johann in Tirol.

Up to the Kitzbüheler Horn over the Raintal valley

Now our steep ascent to the Kitzbüheler Horn begins. Soon we reach a ridge below the Obingkogel and the Reisenbergköpfel. Here it becomes much flatter and we can recover a bit. Now it gets steeper again and in many serpentines the road winds further upwards.
At the top we can rest a bit at the Hornköpfl reservoir. At the Hornköpfl hut we can also stop and refill our empty energy stores with local delicacies.

The famous top of Kitzbüheler Horn with the Alpenhaus in front is a legendary climb for cyclists in Tyrol, Austria.

On gravel to the famous Kitzbüheler Horn panoramic road

Now we are already going downhill. First on gravel we make a turn and marvel at the silent lifts and huts where in winter skiers and snowboarders fill the Kitzbüheler Horn with life. After a small climb we come to the asphalt road. If you still haven't had enough, you can of course take the road all the way to the top and enjoy the panorama.

Descending on the famous Kitzbüheler Horn Panoramastraße is a bucket list ride for cyclists in the Tyrolean, Austria.

Who continues to the top can of course also visit the Alpenhaus and stop there once again. The descent on asphalt is fast and thrilling.
Just before we cross the Walsenbach, not far from the valley, we turn sharp right onto the Römerweg and follow it back to St. Johann in Tirol. In St. Johann in Tirol you have many opportunities to stop for a bite to eat and let your tour come to a fitting end.

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