New Campagnolo Super Record 12-speed electronic groupset

Campagnolo's 12-speed flagship groupset has been updated with new shifters, batteries and more!

Campagnolo has launched its new Super Record Wireless 12-speed road groupset, claiming to deliver unparalleled performance and a dynamic riding experience. So far so good, the pictures look very shiny, but what has changed?

The new Campagnolo Super Record Wireless 12-speed road groupset.

If you are a "Campi fan" you will realize that basically everything looks brand new! What stays are the premium aesthetics and high-end materials like carbon, titanium and aluminium used to make the groupset as lightweight as possible. Of course the iconic cut outs also remain and give us a bit of a flashback to the customized drilled parts of historic road bikes.

The new Ergopower levers from the Campagnolo Super Record Wireless have new buttons and still feature the iconic cutouts in the carbon lever.

New Ergopower Control Levers

The redesigned body lever shape promises extra grip and cushioning for enhanced
riding comfort. By the looks of it not too much has changed. The curve on the hoods seem to be slightly less. However, the shifting experience is completely new. The Campagnolo Super Record EPS now has two buttons on the brake leaver similar to Shimano's Di2 road and gravel shifters.

An LED light on the inside of the Campagnolo Super Record Wirless levers indicates battery status and connectivity.
The new Campagnolo Super Record Wireless Ergopower levers are redesigned with 2 buttons on the lever and claim to be more ergonomic and comfortable.

An interesting feature is the LED light on the insight of the lever to provide feedback on the status of the battery. Also the wireless Bluetooth connection of the shifters brings this groupset on the same level with its competition.

The Disc brake calipers are redesigned. Interesting is the anti-cut finish on the brake discs.

Redesigned Disc Brakes

The Disc Brake Calipers definitely have a new look and Campagnolo claim to have improved the temperature control system and more control as well as more instinctive modulation.
Most interesting about the brakes are the new pattented rotor profile with an anti-cutting surface.

The new Campagnolo Super Record Wireless 12-speed road groupset comes with a premium finish and only carbon, titanium and aluminium materials to be as lightweight as possible.


A titanium axle and stiff carbon crank are supposed to transmit every watt you put out into your drivetrain. Cranks are available in 165, 170, 172.5 and 175mm.

Removable battery from Super Record Wireless 2023 rear derailleur with magnetic clip on charging port.

The Batteries

One of the most interesting features on the new Super Record EPS are the batteries. You can charge them on and off the bike and they feature a magnetic charging ports on front and rear derailleurs for quick and secure connection.

Removable battery from Super Record Wireless 2023 front derailleur with magnetic clip on charging port.

Fast charging times claim to achieve 90% charge in 45 minutes and full charge in just 60 minutes. The batteries have a claime range of 750km. On top they feature a LED battery status interface which is highly visible in all conditions.

The Campagnolo Super Record Wireless offers new variants of cassettes with 10t cog to make you faster!

Improved gear ratios on 12-speed cassette

Front chainrings are available in 50-34, 48-32 and 45-29 and cassettes in 10-25, 10-27 and 10-
29. Clearly Campagnolo doesn't jump on the large cassette train, however they claim to have improved the geometry of the teeth, leading to a smoother shifting experience.

Redesigned teeth profiles on the Campagnolo Super Record Wireless are supposed to make shifting even smoother.

The gear ratio combinations have also been altered and are supposed to always leave you with exactly the right gear for your cadence. Interestingly Campagnolo follow SRAM in offering a 10t cog as the smallest in the cassette. They do stick to a N3W standard freehub though.

The Campagnolo Super Record Wireless is definitely one of the best looking groupsets on the market.

Premium groupset, premium price!

Campagnolo state the new Super Record EPS will be offered for 5200€. That is definitely a premium price which will leave a sharp target group for their flagship shifting setup.
It seems like a solid update with some interesting new features. Not a revolution in the cycling industry though.

The lever hoods look surprisingly similar to SRAM's AXS hoods and are supposed to be more ergonomic and comfortable.

And how does it actually ride???

We haven't personally tested the new Super Record Wireless, however our friends at Enough Cycling Collective have had the chance.

The Enough Cycling Collective sure knows how to have fun on and off the bike.

I asked Federico Damiani and Mattia De Marchi for their experience with the groupset and here's what they had to say:

Federico Damiani gravel cyclist from Enough Cycling Collective
Federico Damiani

I've been testing the new groupset for a while and the two things that I like more are the new shape of the controls and the duration of the battery. The controls are much more ergonomic and feel just great even on very long rides, while the battery lasts very long. For my style of ride, that's really what I need

Mattia De Marchi from Enough Cycling Collective is one of the best gravel and ultra distance cyclists of our time!
Mattia De Marchi

Of course I was very much looking forward to this new groupset. I like the fact that it's lighter than the previous EPS. I also want to test the new gear ratio - there are new options for the cassette and the crankset. I used them in training but I'm curious to see how they behave in races.

It will be interesting to see the new Super Record out in the wild and get more feedback on the batteries and ergonomics. What did we miss, what would you like to know? Get in touch and we will happily pick up the topic again!