The different meaning of sustainability: Ian Martin of 7mesh on the BroomWagon Podcast 🚌

Creating cycling apparel with a strong eye on the durability: 7mesh has it's own way of matching the sustainability goal

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Sustainability has lately been a hot topic in the cycling world (I even talked about it on my Sustainable Conversations on the BroomWagon 🚌 ), for too many reasons:

  • Cyclists are often claiming for themselves the role of the greenest superheroes of the bunch
  • Recycled accessories, recycled garments, recycled food: everything is recycled on the cycling market
  • Recyclable, that's another good one
  • "For any $ received we will plant a three"

These are great topics, but simply, I believe that the best way of producing environmentally friendly or sustainable products is producing as little as possible. The less you produce, the less you pollute, trash, transport, etc, etc.

How do you break this chain then? I was super lucky of having this kind of talk with Ian Martin, VP of Product of 7mesh, and I loved his vision:

  • Making apparel that solves problems
  • Design garments that are good on and off the bike
  • Durable and repairable products: the fewer goods we trash, the less we pollute the world
  • Create stuff that can maximize the riding comfort and experience: "There's gonna be suffering, but I'm not here to remember me suffering, I'm here for the smile on my face while doing it"

I think 7mesh is a great example of an apparel producer with the correct approach to bike goods creation.
🎧 Give it a listen, and tell me what you think about our chat. 🎧