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24 03 2023

The Schatterberg offers a good view and the possibility to combine cycling and hiking. The scenery is special: from forest to alpine meadows to large mountain panorama, everything is there!

Route Description

Getting to Gasteig

The most comfortable way to get there is by car. Here you can best park at the tourist info office in Kirchdorf in Tirol and then start your tour in the direction of Gasteig - a little above Kirchdorf. The nearest train station to reach the tour is St. Johann in Tirol. So you have to overcome a small climb to warm up. The road has not too much traffic and you have a nice view when you turn around and look back at St. Johann in Tirol. Alternatively, there is also a bus that stops directly at the start of the tour at the stop "Kirchdorf i.T. Gasteig".

The Wilder Käser show cheesery is a must for cyclists in the Kitzbühel Alps.

A snack at the show dairy Wilder Käser

After your first climb from Kirchdorf to Gasteig you soon will see the Wilder Käser show dairy on the right. That’s important, because later we want to enjoy a traditional "Jause" (a local dish with cheese and meat products) with local products from the village.

After a short ride past the show diary we ride past Gasthof Mitterjager to the left side of the small stream towards our climb. At the beginning, the climb is mild and we still find some cooling in the shade.

The Wilder Kaiser Mountains are an impressive panorama for cycling with your Mountainbike!

Up to the Metzgeralm hut

Now we come to a crossing. To the right the path winds up to Kaiser-Niederalm, to the left we follow our tour towards Schatterberg. And now it also becomes a little steeper. With a few switchbacks, the forest road winds up through the forest with perfect gravel and soon we leave the forest.

The road up to Metzgeralm at Schatterberg is astonishing and perfect for cycling!

The Metzgeralm appears and behind it the mighty Wilder Kaiser mountain range. Behind us to the north, you can even marvel at the Chiemgau Alps if the view is good.
The Metzgeralm does not offer food or drinks, but you can rest here briefly and especially fill your bottles with cool spring water.

Now 2 small serpentines follow. After the serpentines there is a slight bend to the right in which you will find a hiking sign. Here you will find the Ursula cross and our Schatterberg signposted.

Cycling up and continuing to hike where the road ends is a great opportunity when riding you bike in the Kitzbühel Alps.

Ready for a small hike?

Here we leave our bikes and start our short hike. It is up to you if you want to go to the original destination of the Schatterberg or if you prefer to go to the Ursula cross. Very motivated hikers can even go a bit further to the Gscheuerkopf, but here a little more surefootedness and a head for heights is required!

The climbs in the Kitzbühel Alps are steep, but fit Gravelbikers will love them!

Back after the panorama picture

Do not forget to take a photo of the panorama and a short break. We follow the ascent path back to our bikes and from here we ride back along the forest road.

The descent passes in no time and you are back down in Gasteig. At the cheese dairy "Wilder Käser" or at one of the other local inns we have now earned a refreshing drink and a snack!

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