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This short, but magnificent tour passes right in front of my house - so that's the proof: a proper adventure doesn't need to be far away!

Route Description

My favourite mountains: Climbing Mt. Rannach & Schöckl

Right from the beginning, the climbing starts and actually it doesn't stop during the next 25 kilometres, until you reach the summit of Mount Schöckl. The tour includes some Type 2-fun, as there are some sections that are pretty rough (up & down).
I've done this route multiple times - in winter and summer, with Gravel, as well as with a Mountainbike. I must admit, though, that I wouldn't do these two mountains with less than 48mm tyres.

Mount Rannach is the first climb. It is a beautiful area, with some hikers and bikers, but not too many. That changes at Mt. Schöckl, as it is a location not far away from Graz. Enjoy the beautiful view, once you get to the top! Sometimes, when there are clouds all over the city, you should jump on your bike and try to reach the summit - you'll see, the bad weather will most likely be gone!

There are some downhill tracks as well, but I'd rather climb 5-times this beautiful tracks around the summit.
The whole track is nearly completely offroad, so that's 46 kilometers of pure joy!

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