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24 03 2023

There is a lot to see on this tour. On the way to the 1574 m high Straubingerhaus waterfalls, wide open alpine landscapes and breathtaking views await you.

Route Description

Getting to the start

We start on the bridge close to the sewage treatment plant on the Großache. The nearest train station is St. Johann in Tirol. By car there are some possibilities to park next to the road.

The gravelroad to Straubinger Haus in Tyrol rises quickly in thick forests.

Tour description

We follow the road a short distance south until we turn left before the sewage treatment plant to get to a forest road. We follow the forest road through dense forest at the beginning. A few switchbacks and we pass the first waterfall. We continue a few more serpentines and already the forest becomes a bit thinner. And there is a second waterfall! This one is special. Over the brook bed one can run already long there. And at the end the water rushes down a steep step. Practically a natural shower.

Waterfalls in the Kitzbühel Alps are a natural spectacle and provide refreshment for cyclists.

Panorama at the Kreuzangeralm

And now we are out of the forest in no time and Tyrol greets us once again with magnificent panoramas! In narrow serpentines the road winds up while we can look far down into the valley and the mountains. A true dream for every cyclist. At the edge we pass a few unmanaged alpine huts that fit perfectly into the landscape. Shortly before the end, a surprise awaits us. A short very steep asphalted piece demands once again everything from us and then we are on top! A wide panorama opens before us and a short piece below us we can see the Straubingerhaus and the surrounding alpine huts lie before us!

Alpine Landscapes and epic climbs make the Kitzbühel Alps a mountainbiker's paradise.

The Straubinger Haus

But let's go, you must be thirsty and hungry. The homemade cakes and apple strudel are highly recommended and on the terrace you can enjoy them with alpine panorama. Oh for the e-bikers, by the way, there is a charging station if you have ridden your bike a little too much on turbo mode 😉.

Enjoy a break at Straubinger Haus and have some cake and drinks while your e-bike charges.

Back down via Biketrail No. 248

Now we just have to ride back up the short hill we rode down to our break and then it's all downhill! And what a descent it is!
Remember, in Kreuzanger in one of the serpentines we have to go straight to the Biketrail No. 248. We follow the descent to the Großache and then follow the bike path back to our starting point.

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