Descending the Kitzbüheler Horn on the Harschbichl Trail












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26 03 2023

No lift needed! On this tour we earn the ingenious descent on the Harschbichl III Trail under our own power and ride almost all the way up to the famous Kitzbüheler Horn.

Route Description

A highlight in summer and winter

Skiers and snowboarders will know the north side of the Kitzbüheler Horn well from winter. The Harschbichlbahn takes us here from St. Johann in Tirol to just below the summit of the Kitzbüheler Horn. In summer, hikers, but also mountain bikers conquer the mountain on this side. Be warned: the climb is up to 24% steep, so it's definitely not a shame to ride your e-bike up here. Strong mountain bikers will of course manage the tour and have their fun.
Technically experienced riders can put their skills to the test on the red Harschbichl trail, those who prefer to stay on the forest roads can descend next to the trail and enjoy both the scenery and a glimpse of the daredevil mountain bikers on the trail alongside.

You might even meet some local tyroleans on your way up the Harschbichl climb on your e-bike.

From St. Johann we climb high up

We start our tour in the market town of St. Johann in Tirol. Those arriving by train have the perfect starting point for our tour at the train station. Car drivers will find a good starting point at the Wieshofermühle parking lot. We head east a short distance out of town until we almost reach the Eichenhofbahn.
Here begins our long and steep climb to the Harschbichl summit station.
About half way up we pass the beautiful Dechant Alm.
Past the Kröpflalm, the gravel road winds upward in many switchbacks. And soon we turn left.

Harschbichl Alm is just underneath Kitzbüheler Horn and offers an impressive mountain panorama for cyclists.

Majestic panorama underneath the Kitzbüheler Horn

We don't climb the Kitzbüheler Horn completely, we only ride to the Harschbichl in front of it at 1604 meters above sea level. This is also where the Harschbichl II cable car ends.

Through the forest and with some open pitches with northshore elements, the Harschbichl Trail brings you down to St. Johann in Tirol again with your mountainbike.

Harschbichl Trail or panoramic view on the gravel road

But now for the downhill. We follow the forest road that we came up, back down. Except that we stay on the forest road and do not turn back to the right in the serpentine where we turned left while going up, but follow the road to the Harschbichl middle station. Here we get to the mountain lake Angerer Alm. Behind the lake we now have the agony of choice: Either we follow the forest road to the right back down into the valley, or we go left, through the wooden gate, onto the Harschbichl trail.

Some bridges and northshore elements are making the Harschbich Trail in the Kitzalps region a fun challenge for mountainbikers!

The Harschbichl Trail is a red flow trail. 145 turns with north-shore elements and a few bridges, a lot in the forest but also with great views are ahead of us! A few roots, but also a few steep passages are in it, but an experienced mountain biker gets down here easily and with a big grin!
If you prefer to stay off the trails follow the forest road to the right and follow it down to the Harschbichl valley station. Back in St. Johann in Tirol we have plenty of opportunities to fill up our empty energy stores and swap stories.

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