Svein Tuft: Connected with Adventure

A true inspiration for all adventure cyclists: Svein Tuft interviewed by Calamaro on the BroomWagon Podcast

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Bikepacking and Ski Touring, I'm pretty obsessed with these two things lately: because I need a winter activity that involves adventures and explorations, but also because I strongly believe that with a good set of chubby tires, rough bags, solid tent, and waterproof gears you can be ready for any winter ride.
These considerations were rattling inside my head until I talked on the phone with Bas Rotgans, and in the middle of a completely different conversation I asked him:
"Man, who can I bring on the BroomWagon Podcast 🚌 to talk about ski touring and bikepacking?"
"Svein Tuft" – Bas answered with a snap of his tongue – "Do you remember him? He was an ex-pro tour cyclist, forged by adventures. After spending almost 10 years in Europe, he is now back to his roots in BC where he is back to his adventure life, not only cycling centered. He is also part of a video series for 7mesh: Reconnecting".
Oh wow, I still remember when Svein wore that Pink Jersey or made a cameo on Wonderful Losers: decision was taken.
Normally, I would DM him directly on IG, but this time I moved differently: I asked about an intro to John Zopfi from 7mesh, John is a great guy and the connection was immediately in place.
"Hey Svein, would you be ok for an interview on the BroomWagon 🚌?"
"Of course, Stefano, choose the date, calculate the time difference and count me in."
Geez, this was fast.
I completed my research, meticulously prepared the interview, set up the studio, made space for the well-needed tech, and we were on.
The interview is embedded down here, in the last episode of the BroomWagon Podcast 🚌, but the easy-to-write part is letting you know how the chat was chilled, lovely and full of laughs and inspirations. I hope you will enjoy at least a third of what I did.

Note from the Podcaster: it all depends on what you want to take out from an interview: for me, the goal was to show the personality and the different approaches that made Svein the man who is now. I found a lot of anecdotes online, but I didn't simply want to talk about him fighting a wolf with a metal hockey stick, or facing remoteness and harsh weather. By talking about his background, his peculiar training during his pro career and his perspective once this was over, I want people to clearly see who's the man behind the character, and I hope I got into that. Another thing I was looking for was some inspiration from a dad loving the outdoors, without having really any pressure about it. And personally, I fetched a ton of it and I hope you can some as well.
Stop writing now it is really time to talk.

📸 Photo courtesy of 7mesh