New 8bar MITTE v3 2in1

8bar claims they built a bike that is gravel and road bike at the same time. Wait what?

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8bar just released their new MITTE v3! And it's an interesting one! With flip chips you are able to change the geometry from roadbike to gravel bike and reverse.
Ok so usually when a concept like this comes up we shrug as all those one bike does it all ideas usually end up nowhere. How would this be possible? There is always some form of compromise. In comfort, in agility, in handling, and so on.
Rondo went a similar way with the Ruut where you were able to change a chip at the fork! So maybe this as an evolution will bring us one step further to more versatile bikes and quick transitions between road and gravel.

We haven't ridden one, but it sounds promising! Just change your wheelset and go! No compromise, no one bike does it all, but an idea that might give you a fun and versatile bike, that actually does do a lot! (Not all!)

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Here is what the folks at 8bar have to say about the bike:
Like its predecessors, the new 8bar MITTE is focused on versatility without losing sight of the focus on the driving fun. An extremely versatile bike that is light and fast on the road and just as reliable and agile on Gravel trails. The riding characteristics of the MITTE - v3 - 2in1 can be switched in the "twinkling of an eye" from Gravel to Road depending on the position of the TWIST dropouts installed in the frame and the fork.The best part is that you do not even have to adjust the brake through the special design of the flip chips. This requires 160mm brake discs for the Gravel and 140mm brake discs for the road wheels.

What do you think? Will it be a surprise and turn around the market?
We are curious what buyers will have to say and if this interesting concept is going to stay.