Wizard Cycling Crew

Wizard Cycling Crew

Wizard cc is a cycling crew born in 2022 based in Milan, Italy.

The story behind the name Wizard CC is quite funny.
We traveled to Vittorio Veneto to take part at the Lost In Prealps, an annual event which take place on the pre alps around Belluno. We had “a few beers” and we took a picture underneath a shop sign called “il Mago” (The Wizard) to Albe. The pic was blurred and glitchy but it made us rolling to the floor laughing. Since than Albe is also known as Il Mago.
Over the last few kms of the 2 days ride we were happy, we were excited and most of all, we had many laugh together so it was quite natural to start talking and dreaming about building a crew.

We approach cycling in a very uncompetitive way. We don’t care about performance, datas… we just like to spend time together, feel free and have a few drinks :)

We have just launched our first cycling jersey in collaboration with Cascada and we are planning another small production available to pre order.

We have a few projects in the making like a weekly evening group gravel ride in Milan and an event over the summer. So follow us to get updates.

Never talking, just keep riding, spreading his magic…

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