Cracked Earth Film Crowdfunding

Shift Cycling Culture is looking for Crowdfunding for their new film. Why should you care?

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"Cracked Earth won’t beat around the bush. Because we no longer can. Climate change is not a future threat; it’s our generation’s reality. The film captures the lives of cyclists in vulnerable areas around the world who share their love for the bike, but also their worries about the current state of their homeland
– and its ever more uncertain future.

Cyclists just like you."

What's the plot?

Ouch! It is time to face the truth and it's time we act NOW! Sometimes we cannot show just beautiful pictures of beautiful landscapes and cyclists happily riding through them. Sometimes we need to raise awareness on things that are not comfortable talking about. Climate change is affecting us now and not only generations after us. And while you might not feel it yet, it will affect your home soon.

Citys drowning in smog is a current problem - picture Ryan Flinn

Being drawn into a sport can really help acknowledging topics and problems like this. It is a wonderful project where Shift Cycling Culture show cyclists who are already affected by climate change.

Here's a list of some appearing characters:
Steve Varga, Sarah Hammond, Ryan Flinn, Adam Lana | Curve Cycling Crew
Anita and Caro Gehrig | Norco Twins Racing Team
Mitch Docker | EF Education First Pro Cycling (now EF Education-Nippo)
Hitaf Rashid | Managing Director Tour Down Under
Rik Fulcher | AusCycling, National team Manager Australian Cycling Team
Jorrit Kiewik | Director Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN)
Sadie McEvoy | Researcher Climate Adaptation Planning Deltares

Mitch Docker from EF Education First Pro Cycling sees his home Australia affected first hand - picture Lian Van Leeuwen

There is a catch!

The film hasn't been finished yet! Shift Cycling Culture need your help to make this project happen. It is a passionate and amazing project that deserves our support. Who knows how many minds can be changed through film and showing the shocking state our planet is in? But they need funding to cover the costs. That is the crowdfunding target.
If they exceed their goal they might be able to produce more materials around the project cover additional costs involved in the production. That might include engaging and educating more people and create climate awareness in the cycling community by organising local screenings and extra action tools.
But best of all: If the funding goal is exceeded by more then 50%, Shift will direct all remaining funds towards community engagement projects listed on their website.

We love where we ride. Let's act accordingly.




Main crew

Director / Producer | @saltlake_lian / salt lake productions // DOP | Robijn Voshol / STANDBY3 // Story consultant The Netherlands | Jelle Mul

This project is supported by the following companies:
PEdALED // Komoot // Flims LAAX